About Moi

I'm currently a student at 42 the school created by the french entrepreneur Xavier Niel. Huge tech lover and always looking for new exciting thing to learn ! Born and raised in the moutain, i try to find the time to go there to find the ressource i need to give the best of me for my project ! After an IT Degree and few years in the film industry in found my self again in the Tech area, understanding how our connected world work and explaining it to my peer is the most trilling challenge i faced. And now after my degree in one of the most famous french business school (i.e HEC Paris) i found new challenge in the entrepreneur way.



Certificate of digital technologies architect November 2016 - Present

42 is a private french computing school created by Xavier Niel. The tuition is inspired by the changes Internet brought, combined with a peer-to-peer pedagogy. The diploma it delivers isn't recognized by the Republic of France, but bets on the advanced programming skills of its students as well as their capacity to innovate and their ability to see things and think differently. The school is based on projects where you have to finish one to unlock the other, the first one are mostly in C and after the choice of language is open. Teamwork is the core of the school.

HEC Paris

Digital Entrepreneurship Certificate 2017

The Certificate providesthe opportunity to embrace e-business through an entrepreneurial approach. Entrepreneurship can mean start-ups and the creation of new ventures, as well as the development of innovative projects within large companies. That is why the Certificate will explore the various ways digital technologies enhance innovation through new business models, e-commerce, digital communication, collaborative marketing, the funding of new ventures, etc. It was mostly about the lean startup method with agile method, we also had to do a consulting challenge for a tech start-up.


Editing Degree 2012-2014

This degree was about editing, mainly focusing on editing with software such as Final Cut Pro 7 and X, Premiere Pro, Avid and compositing software like After Effect. The main goal was to see the worklow of a movie with a tech point of view from shooting to the release. I learned also to use a DSLR and shoot with it.

IUT Paris Descartes

IT Degree 2010-2012

DUT Informatique is mainly focusing on IT such as developping in C and learning various academic topics such as management and juridic study.



Editor and Freelance Editor June 2013 - October 2016

I've been working as an editor for various film production such as MC4, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, ECPAD (French millitary office of film) and TV Channel like Arte, La Chaine Histoire and the distruptive channel on geek culture Nolife. The topics where various, seven movie on the First World War, documentary about the Alps and one on the French painter Georges Braque. The goal was to manage the different rush, organize it and finally edit it for the editor.

Summer Jobs

Waiter - Cameraman March 2007 - February 2010

Lot of side jobs during my scolarship including shooting the Ultra Trail of Chamonix, waiter in restaurants.



C PHP HTML CSS Unix English French Git Shell MySQL Lean Startup Agile

Learning Skill

Node.js Python Laravel C++ Japanese .Net

Editing Skill

Premiere Pro Avid Media Composer Final Cut After Effect Photoshop